In honor of International Pixel-stained Techno-peasant Day I'm releasing this new short-story on this here blog.

This is a short story originally written for Matthew Wayne Selznick's sidelined Wordhouse Anthology project. The idea was to pick a song you loved and write a story that captured some of the images and feelings from the song. I wrote "Nightswimming" based on the R.E.M. song.

The story is hosted at Scribd.

Read this doc on Scribd: Nightswimming by Gabe Wollenburg

It's released under the usual terms.

Nightswimming-by-Gabe-Wollenburg.pdf78.1 KB


So Glad To See This Out There!

I really, really love the idea that a story originally slated for my Wordhouse project was released to the world on International Pixel-stained Techno-peasant Day! It does my heart good.