"Kindling" an Old Laptop is easy with *buntu.

Kindled! The relatively recent phenomena of "kindling" a laptop confuses and frightens me. I mean, yeah, orienting your screen to the portrait mode is a nice way to read a book, and it's a little unusual, but it's not something unique to Amazon's Little eReader That Could. I've been reading ebooks this way since long before the Kindle. I'm that cool.

Regardless, once you've got *buntu running on your laptop, you need only open a PDF in Evince Document Viewer (Ubuntu's default) reader. Then, if the PDF isn't oriented for portrait viewing, simply click the "rotate" button that suits your orientation preference. (Edit --> Rotate Left) Make sure you're in "Best Fit" mode (View --> Best Fit.)

Wala. You are in "Kindle mode." PgUp and PgDN move you Backward and forward in your document respectively. Holding the control key while pressing the page keys moves them 10-pages at a time. (This is contrary to the keyboard shortcutssuggested on the menu. I suspect this has something to do with "Best Fit mode.")

For extra spice, press the f5 button and enjoy full-screen Kindle Mode.



You should really prepare a 90 minute presentation on how to do this, complete with no less than 180 slides, and present it at the next 5 BarCamp events.