Ubuntu in the workplace.

Welcome back.
That was a strange hiatus.
One of the new features here at Writelarge.com is going to be a concerted effort to get back to our roots, as it were. We're coming home to the Ubuntu (Users) Planet. We missed you.

My latest work box

This is a photo of my latest project at the Behavioral Health Hospital I work for. We are (in Healthcare terms) a small, not-for-profit organization. We need to make better use of open source software. I am going to lead by demonstrating.
With administration approval, I bought the organizations first Linux box. Mostly because I needed a rock solid LAMP server. And I wanted a desktop machine because-- Frankly, I don't grok command line as a primary interface. Folders need to be visualized, I think.

A lot of people come to Ubuntu (Users) Planet and tell and talk about their first Ubuntu experiences. I'm here to take you on our organization's. It’s not going to be pretty-- but lets accentuate the positive for a moment.

The Dell is sharp looking. The glossy case is sweet. It has an extra cd/dvd bay, but since I'm not using it, I like to open the panel and say "You can put your weed in there" and smirk.
But I digress. The Dell... It smells good. It starts up with nary a whisper. It comes with a shrink-wrapped Ubuntu 8.04 CD, and and the standard “how to unpack your PC and make it go” posters. Why do those instruction sheets need to be posters?

Anyway, since I didn’t have a lot of time when it first arrived, so I just unpacked it and set it up on my desk. My boss and some of my co-workers have come and poked at it, but none of them really understand what it’s for or why I needed _another_ computer at my desk.

I’ll show them. I’ll show all of them.



Shinyyyy! Can I touch it?
*touches**ZAP* AHHHH


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as you mentioned that you are in healthcare, i could,nt resist but point you to a flavour of ubuntu with a medical twist,
plz do visit and any recommendations , input etc would be appreciated
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