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Dr. Who.

Cool Hand Luke, Jesus, and The Doctor

I haven't the fan-cred to really talk about this, but I'm going to anyway.
I find a degree of discomfort in the alignment of Dr. Who and Christmas. My understanding is that it's a 2005 series innovation, beginning with the first full episode featuring the 10th Doctor entitled The Christmas Invasion.Great. Fine. I get it. Christmas is an easy programming target to hit, and people like to get their Christmas and Who on at the same time. I understand.

And, for the most part, the Christmas specials are largely secular. There really hasn't been a lot of overly Christian imagery intermingled with the Doctor's love of Christmas. I mean, it's a part of a larger culture, as far as I'm concerned, and I assume a man as learned and travled as the Doctor respects and loves celebratory cultures across the board-- Unless there is some kind of Dalek New Years festival, but that's a rathole we really shouldn't go down.

But then comes this BBC advertisement for the 2010 Chrismas Special, wherein the Doctor as Jesus argument is about as thinly veiled as I've ever seen it:

Exhibit A: The Doctor = Cool Hand Luke = Jesus


Still not had enough evidence of the slippery slope the BBC rides as they try to align Dr. Who with Christianity? Try this on:
Exhibit B: Dr. Who Advent(ure) Calendar.