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Spiraling star across the sky

Stars over Fox Island

I watched a shooting star spiral across the sky, like a Fourth of July firework slipped through a wormhole tonight. Suddenly I was standing on the dock in seven places. In seven times. Seven skies on display over the northern sky, sparkling as jewels of the sky. The moon was a blurred ring that waxed and waned running from the eastern sky to the west.

There was an incredible depth to the sky. Layers upon layers of stars, each one an onion skin of time separating all the members of the zodiac, each appearing in seven places at seven times.

And the star spiraled downward, leaving a wide spiraling flagella in its wake, tucking itself politely behind the trees.

September formed around me.

I smiled, seeing that the universe’s great depth remained behind he now single layer of stars in the northern sky. And I inhaled the crisp northern wind and felt at peace.