Jeopardy Category: Goddamn Fictional Metals

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The answer: This ‘true silver’ gets its name from the Sindiarin words for “gray” and “glitter.”

The question: What is Mithril?


The answer: The discovery of this substance was memorialized in stained glass window in the meeting room of the Unseen University College Council.

The question: What is Slood?


The answer: You might be tempted to think that the Vibranium used to make Captain America’s shield originated in this fictional country in Africa, but it didn’t. Cap’s Vibranium was made from Anti-Metal found Antarctica.

The Question: What is Wakanda?


The answer: This metal, from which the robot, “Fender” is allegedly made, is yellow and is said to taste like chicken.

The question: What is afraidium


The answer: Although this metal does exist, the fiction is that it was sold as part of a 1970’s initiative that aimed to flush out would-be nuclear smugglers.

The question: What is redmercuriciodide or Red Mercury.