Self Portraits

I'm working on taking better portraits these days. We have a lot of nice gear at work and I have no idea how to use it.

Self Portrait

Part of the challenge, however, is that we need lighting solutions that work for both video and still photography. I understand that it's easy to spend a lot of money and get stuff that works, but I need lighting options that are both cheap and portable. I wish I'd have brought out my soft boxes for this one, but they're kind of a pain. Maybe next time.

Self Portrait

The other part of the challenge, is that stylistically we're supposed to be shooting for a "selective focus" element on these photos, so while I typically like to shoot wide open and light the natural light pour in, I've needed to think outside my comfort zone on these. They're not great. But they're getting better, I think. Oh, here's the shot of one of the Doctors I was shooting when I made these. Keep Going!

Anyway, point is, I'm starting to think about Photocamp 2011. The other take-away message from these self portraits is that I need to get my glasses adjusted.



PhotoCamp? Sounds cool... you should do it!

For the shot of the doctor, it looks like a shot of a guy with a plant. Why is the plant there? The plan is still somewhat in focus. What was the f/stop on this shot? Do you like mixing (natural) daylight from windows behind the subject with what looks like artificial light from the front? Is he wearing a zippered sweatshirt? Take it off. The shirt & tie would be better alone.

Besides all that... it's not bad. I mean, it's in focus and everything.