SOLY: Part 2, Chapter 3 Posted.

I’m sure glad that the second part of my novel “Someone Liche You” is only four chapters long. The third chapter is now available for your consideration at Alternative publisher

Something is trying to get into Gregor Samsa’s concrete and steel reinforced garage hanger, and when it does, Gregor is not only surprised, but extremely annoyed. And the dog does little beyond unhelpfully heightening the overall sense of urgency.

Gregor commanded the dog be quiet with a quick shush, to which Cursor responded by exploding into a full bark. Gregor stepped forward and tilted the oil lamp to try to throw the light better toward the corner

You can read Part 2.3 at Red, or you can start from the outset of the Second Part. Or read the whole thing from the very beginning. One more chapter to post before Thursday, when we move on to Part 3.