The undead are all around us

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Jim Flynn training (LOC)

The undead are all around us. And that is a fact.
What they are, however, is something of a shifting thing.
The one thing, for certain, is that they are always going. They’re not sure why. They’re not sure where. To ask those questions requires thought beyond their immediate needs. They walk from the next thing to the next, noticing only that they remain unsatisfied.
The undead are the ambling, shambling masses walking through shopping malls and down our city streets. They are mumbling gangs of eyes-down racers, attentive only to their next step. They are unaware that they walk, and that they search. They are assured, only by a conviction held deeply within, that they are and that they need.
Stand before them naked and unafraid when they come, and they will not see you. Duck and cower and they will take note. Death is what they desire. You call them to you.
You can be ready. Can you pay the price?