Web414 is the Magic Store. Make your dreams come true

I like this comment on Read-Write-Web.

400 million people now use Facebook, and they don't all have CS Master's degrees from Stanford. But if you work in the IT/tech/Internet/online media industries, they do manage to pay your bills. They're the ones who open emails, click ads, make purchases, sign up for subscriptions and generally take the majority of actions that make our whole ecosystem work.

And most of them have no idea what a web browser is or how it differs from a search engine or a social network. They've chosen to be smart about other things, like building cars or making art or raising families. I'll bet some of them are terrific dancers. We have to build the Web for them, too.

This pretty much sums up how I feel about Web414's future. Web414 is for the people who are working together to make The New Web(tm). It can't be monitized or productized. It's about people who want to build cars, make art, raise families and dance in new ways using the web as a platform.

Who is Web414 for? It's for me. Its for you. Its for the community. Its for who we are who chose to be part of Web414. Web414 is the music makers, and it is the dreamers of dreams. Don't spoil it by making it into just another pointless meetup. Web414 is the magic store. Web414's like a movie, write your own ending... keep believing, keep pretending ... We've done just what we set out to do, Thanks to the lovers, the dreamers, and you.

Web414 must remain dedicated to being more than the sum of its parts. Web414 must be a place where we are free to follow our passions and are unencumbered by "making it work." Web414 works because it does. It is a group of people in a single place making great creative things happen on, for, and about the Web.



Second the motion on the floor!

Hear, hear! It took me a very

Hear, hear!

It took me a very long time to shift focus from "what can gizmo X do?" to "how will gizmo X help me get something useful done?" Which, sadly, explains why even though I first downloaded a Linux distro in '94, all the machines on which I have to be unquestionably productive run some flavor of Windows. Even though my geekly heart breaks to do it.


That pretty much sums it up. :}

Web414 IS the members of Web414. <3