What we need right now is another "A Few Good Men."

"Do Not Question Authority" Ultimately, the message of "A Few Good Men" was that, sometimes, a good soldier's duty is not to follow orders. Sure, there were (lots) of other things going on in the movie, but ultimately, the differentiation between hero and villain came down to who was using their power responsibly-- in spite of how unbalanced the powers on either side of the conflict might have been. A lot of the really great Star Trek the Next Generation stories are thematically centered on this kind of power struggle.

It's a symptom of how poorly the baby boomers are slipping into retirement. It's hard to pass off the counter-culture torch to the coming generations when you refuse to admit you're not part of the counter-culture anymore. (Note to my friends and parents: Not you. Of course not. It's not you.) Its more than just the dissonance created by living across both ends of a cultural revolution. It's also about understanding that no matter how much Celebrex you pump into your meniscus, you're going to develop arthritis. You're just like your Mom after all.

Look at Star Wars for a perfect illustration of this. Its 1977, and a wide-eyed revolutionary named George Lucas wowed audiences with a retelling of the hero's journey set in the paradigm of rebellion. By today's standards, Luke and the rest of the Alliance Forces would certainly be portrayed as terrorists. By 1999, Lucas, in the telling of the dread Episode One, managed to successfully backpedal from the theme of rebellion by making the alliance, in fact, a democratically elected republic.

Apple is another illustration. The men who once revolutionized the personal computer currently sell some of the most draconian, crippled and nefarious software and hardware in the personal electronics industry. 1984 really was like 1984.

The sad, sad fact is that as most people age, they're unwilling to accept that they've become The Establishment, and they're unwilling to imagine that today's world is in as desperate need of that "question authority" magic that helped them win their positions they're now so desperate to protect.

There is inherently nothing wrong with rebellion. There is nothing wrong with revolution. It's only changes. It's how we grow as a people. Rise up with your plastic forks, people.


We have always been at war with Eastasia.

as most people age, they're unwilling to accept that they've become The Establishment

Because the way things are right now are the way things have always been. We have always been at war with Eastasia.