Dumb BIG Man

Dumb BIG man is more like it.  (by HeyGabe)
It may be one of my proudest moments.

A few months ago, you guys may recall, I posted a photobooth snapshot of myself holding a note I'd written on a postie that I couldn't read. This photo was from the period where I was releasing photos on a creative commons Share Alike license.
So it turns out this photo was featured on an otherwise unremarkable productivity blog called Dumb Little Man , on an otherwise unremarkable productivity article called "12 Ways To Become an Utter Failure at Work."
Words cannot express how much joy this brings me.
Although Dumb Little Man doesn't release their content under a 'share alike' license, share alike only requires you re-license under a "similar" licence.
We'll call CC-BY-ND good enough, I guess. I would prefer that they'd use my work under a little less restrictive licence, but whatever. I'm just flattered that they liked my photo enough to use it.


Licenses are hard

Hmmm, ok, they used your work, and provided attribution by putting "Photo: HeyGabe" on it. For the Share Alike portion we have:

"If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one."

So, do you feel they altered or transformed you work? There appears to be no significant edits to the photo that make if different than what you produced. Did they build upon it? I am not sure... they did include it in another piece of work, but the argument could be had that your work is still sort of "separate" from their work, as it were.

This is a big issue... the matter of "including" work in others, and the conflicts of licenses.

If I create a presentation, and have 3 slides that contains 3 different photos, each with a different Creative Commons license, how does that work? Does my entire work then have to be made available under 3 different licenses?

Dave Slusher uses one specific license for his podcast, but includes pieces that have different licenses, and makes note of that in the work...

Dammit, why is life so hard! It's 5AM and I'm tired.


I think that's where the "Similar" phrase gets used in the Share Alike.
I think that re-contexting a work probably constitutes a transformation.

ho ho!

This is awesome :)