Dear Mr. Pete and everyone invloved

Dear Mr. Pete, et. all.
Please consider this post my sincere blessing and approval of any and all remixes of any and all of my posts to Jott, including but not limited to the profane tirade that was posted to Jott on Dec. 15, 2007.

Someone send me the MP3 and I'll host it right here.

And so there's no question about the license, I hereby designate any and all of my Jott recordings, including those I may make in the future, under a Creative Commons Sampling+ license.

Creative Commons License

My recordings on Jott are licensed under a
Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License.
This license only applies to my Jott Recordings and should not be applied to any other content appearing on without my express consent. It does not supersede or change the license terms offered at

Item! Thanks to Mr. Raster, we've uploaded the file. Remix away!
It would be polite to mark this with a NSFW tag.

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I think I sent it to you on Pownce... If you do not get it, I will send again via some other method.


I had no idea I was "invloved" but I feel very special now. :)

Pownce is the Devil

I wish I could get into Pownce.


Well, you have a Pownce account, why can't you get into it?


This is featured in a new song titled "Mother Sink" and you can hear it here: