Gaia Spotting

It's strange. I can never predict which photos at Flickr are going to be popular.
Serious Eats (by HeyGabe)

Big shout-out and thank you to the folks at SeriousEats who were kind enough to call Gaia "Adorable."

I'll pass on the discussion over whether this is a correct application of the creative commons license in favor of simply basking in my daughter's new found internet fame.



I totally would have commented there, but you need to register...

They gave you attribution... do you feel it is being used commercially? It's not being sold is it?

Share Alike. vs. Standard

Share Alike. vs. Standard Copyright.

The share alike is the activism part-- and the part I believe in strongly. However, I'm not sure that the share-alike is enforceable in simple republishing. So I don't think of it as a license violation, so much as an issue with the lisence itself.

Share Alike

Hmmm, yeah, share alike... So do you think their entire article should be made available under the same license of your photo? What if there are various photos all with different licenses? This is where things get messy and confusing and my head starts to hurt.