Although it was not quite the right weight distribution, the girl and I had a great time kayakin’ up north this weekend.

Did you see that the Girl and I have a new toy? Our tandem kayak is lots of fun, and the whole family can fit in it if we need to. Fortunately, J. gets to ride in her Grandmothers Otter, so Gaia and I have lots of room to ourselves.

Kayak Trip

Although, I prefer to ride in the front seat, it keeps the back end from being a little too low in the water. Now we know for next time.

Here’s a video that, for no good reason, employs a rather foreboding score.

Here's a mess of Photos from the Flikah if you're interested.



Dear HeyGabe, does the tandem live up north or at your home? Would you be willing to rent it to me?

It lives in the great white

It lives in the great white north. However, it may come home during July. I'll keep you up to date.
(I do have a canoe if you're interested,)