Part Two: A year later.

Hello old friend. Has it really been a year? Really? More than that? Wow.
It occurs to me that this book, which is only slightly worse than the average drivel found on GameFAQs, has not, so far, been muchly about Drupal. How disappointed you must be. You came here to learn about the world's most robust content management system, and instead, I've subjected you to pages and pages of me trying to wrap my head around stuff I should have paid a man to take care of for me a long time ago. In fact, this manual should probably have been called XAMPP for Goddamn Idiots, ehy? Well, too bad for you.

So let us address this, then. You need to ask yourself this question: Do you know about the stuff that makes the Internet go? You don't have to, but take it from me it helps. If you're going to Drupal, you're going to need to know about some pretty geeky stuff. You'll need to know about php, Apache and mySql, minimally. And, here's the rub, the people who wrote the help files about this stuff are so much smarter than you that you're probably not going understand their help at first.

Maybe you'd be better putting more effort into creating really good content. Content is way more important than the platform, particularly if you're talking about blogging. If you're talking about programming you don't need this book, stupid.

If you insist that you want to know how the Drupal works behind the scenes, and you understand that you're going to have to put up with stupid stuff that would be somebody elses's problem if you used a hosted platform, then, dear reader, read on.

Lets talk about why we might use Drupal at all, then, in the first place. Honestly.


I am another goddam idiot.

Thanks for the information you have posted thus far (and your sense of humor), it has really helped. However....

I have a website that was built for me by someone else in Joomla. In an effort to learn to create my own from scratch, I have been fooling around with xampp for a couple of days. I got to the came point you did "Simply 'call'?" What? Where? WTF?

I did manage to figure out how to run terminal. I have been using pc's for (I hate to say it) since before the IBM PC was released.

However, when I paste the original command from the XAMPP site into terminal, I get: "You need to be root to perform this action."

If I use your version "mampp" I get: 'mampp: No such file or directory."

Do I need to be logged in as "root" or go to the root directory?
I tried : \ by itself and it took me to: >

but the commands didn't work there either.