Fancy Nancy Game: Pros and Cons

Fancy Nancy Standees

The Fancy Nancy Dress Up Stick-Ons Game makes me crazy. Super Crazy.

  1. Colorforms are impossible to stick on something if you have cold little hands.
  2. Colorforms are small and probably going to get lost.
  3. The game shows you where the peices are supposed to go on the gameboard, but in some cases, especially with the wands, there is no way to stick the item in that location on the standee.Lame!
  4. Fancy Nancy is plenty fancy without getting all gussied up with "accessories." But that's not really the game's fault. That's my prejudice about Fancy Nancy and her inattentive, Kings-Crown eatin' parents.

However, G. loves the game. And here are some ways that the game is good:

  1. No dice. And the spinner is built into the box. (Look, there's nothing wrong with dice, but with little kids, dice are one spastic arm shake away from gone forever.
  2. The game can be played to completion in about 15 minutes .
  3. There is no board to move peices around.
  4. Gaia loves it.

Fancy Nancy Standees



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