This is broken 4

I know it's totally 2007 to rip on the Flickr Uploader 3.x, but damn, this is totally broken.

This is broken

Note that there is no Upload button anywhere on this screen shot. Where's the upload button? Nowhere. I had to take a photo out and drop it back in to make the upload button reappear.

I'm not sure how I made the upload button disappear, it has something to do with the wackadoo window that it brings up when you authorize the application.

It just makes me wonder, does anybody beta test anymore? Look, I'll admit it, I don't. But I'm not Yahoo.


Me too

Yeah, I lost my upload button too once, but quitting and relaunching got it back, and it saved all the data I typed in. Still, if I am doing just a few, I will use the browser upload.

Also, put a link to your blog posts in the photo description on Flickr, or I will post in two places totally wackadoo...

I didn't even know there

I didn't even know there *was* an uploadr 3.x!