A VNC Client that works.

It's no secret that I'm not a command line guy. I can make my way through the ocassional cut and paste set of command line instructions, and can even ocassionally come up with a very basic command for doing simple things like sending an email or pulling just the *.png files out of a directory and putting them in a new one. But the facts is this: I'd rather GUI than CLI.

So, I'm a big fan of Putty and VNC. Sorry. That's just life. I use Putty becuase it's the easiet way to set up a Secure Tunnel to the machine I want to VNC with, and I use VNC because it's the the most cross platformy of the remote desktop protocols.

But, so far, I don't really prefer any of the clients. Until today.

Chicken of the VNC

Cheers to Chicken of the VNC, the OSX VNC client with the best name ever. Also, it works.

Unlike the Tight-VNC client, which I use on my Linux and Windows computers, Chicken of the VNC acutally allows me to log out of my remote session and doesn't break.


Nothing to do with Ubuntu

What is this doing on the Ubuntu users planet ?

Plus what you say is wrong, I have no VNC client "breaking" as you say.

If you don't like Real VNC or Tight VNC, have you tried Vinagre ?