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You have the strength to turn struggle into wisdom: keep going!

Clearing the scarpe of trees

In this photo from the National Library of Scotland, Soldiers in dungarees and helmets struggle to remove a fallen tree trunk from a river. The soldiers have little choice in the matter, but to do what soldiers do, and soldier. But the trees are kind of in the same situation of not having really any choice about what happens here. Although they are badly damaged, many of the tress in this photo are still alive, doing what trees do: treeing.

In my dream last night, I was told by a being whose face I cannot remember, that things were as they are supposed to be and that the oppression that you’re feeling right now is a part of how charge is inspired amongst as many people as possible.

On a personal level, it may feel like it’s all about you, but the reality is we are all part of a larger movement that will take that pain and sadness and channel it toward the undoing of a great wrong.

The question is: do we have the strength to turn that struggle into wisdom?

The being was wrapped in a brilliant golden light and was wearing a red ring set in dark gold.

This morning I found myself thinking of “Keep Going.”; specifically about there being two of everything in life, and that the uncomfortable and sad things in life are not about knocking you down, but teaching you to be stronger.

I think we’ve all learned to be a little stronger in the past few months, and I am proud to learn alongside you all.

Snowfall outside my window.

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More Panos of Trees

The snow on the trees is beautiful today. So, put that in your pipe and smoke it, desk job.

Backyard pals

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I'm trying out a new thing here at the Lakehouse. I'm keeping a camera with a 70-300mm lens sitting on my desk with the intent of shooting pictures of the fuzzy woodland creatures (and the feathered) that hang out there from time to time. Over the years I've seen a good number of cool things come wandering by the backyard here.


ChipMunk by the stairs

Proper Attire for A Pizza Run


The other day, the girl refused to go out to pick up the Pizza until she had propery dressed up.  (We live in a delivery dead zone—more than Milwaukee, but not quite Wauwatosa.)

She quite insisted on wearing all matching pink clothes, a smart pair of “rock star” sunglasses and selected pieces of her fanciest jewelry.

I kept telling her to hurry up so we could eat, and she kept telling me that we couldn’t just go out wearing any old thing; “What if someone sees us, dehdeh?”

Princesses. Whaddayagonnado?

Free photo rescue program saves the day

PhotoExtractorThanks be to the good people at Mabusse, developers of Photo Extractor, the free windows application that can extract otherwise lost photo data from a corrupted SD Card.

Enjoy the software author's webpage:

Do You take a digital camera with You to the holiday? Have You ever seen a message on the display about the flash card is unreadable and will be formatted now?

Google is awash with crappy demo versions of similar products that do the same thing, only for money. Photo Extractor is free, functional, and saved the day. If you have a damaged memory card, before you give up and send your photos away into the ether, try Photo Extractor. Some of the photo rescue programs I saw while hunting around wanted as much as $90 for a functinoally identical product. Worse, some of the photo rescue programs show you your unrevoverd photos and stamp "DEMO VERSION" across the top of them, effectively holding your photos hostage for $30 in blood money. Screw you guys.

Photo Extractor just works, works well, and doesn't try to exploit my panic over my lost photos for their financial gain.

I don't have any eGold, but if I did, I'd, as the author of Photo Extractor suggests, "transfer 10 USD to my e-gold account 1324912. "

Don't watch the sports

Not a Fan of Sports

I'm not a fan of sports, but I am a fan of stereotypical and culturally inappropriate sports icons.
Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody.