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OH NOES! The Holdiday Music! Where iz it?

If you are the type to make a fantastic and well thought-out playlist or gift CD to play and give during your holiday celebration, then you are a better person than me.

I used to. I really did. It was a lot of work back then. You had to rip your CDs manually, and you didn't bother to pirate download songs because it took forever at 28.8kbps. But I digress. Times change.

This year I point you in the direction of some of my favorite Holdiay music sources.

  1. DJ Riko's Merry Mixmas
    Yeah. DJ Riko mixes up a fresh CD's worth of gapless holiday songs every year. Since 200X. Download these now. Easily the best questionably legal source of holiday awesomeness you'll download all year.
  2. Xmas in Frisko on SomaFM
    Often racy, usually rocking, ocassionally unlistenable: That's Xmas in Frisko. Streams seasonally from the folks at SomaFM. If you don't know SomaFM, think of it this way: SomaFM is a way better place to send your holiday donations than some snooty "Human fund."
    I can't belive I've become a fan of Just know this: There are probably some Christmas classics you've been wanting to hear for years. You can probably buy unlimited access to streaming that song from for about 10-cents a song. If you're careful, you can probably get all the songs you'll want using the free credits that come with signing up at>
  4. Last.FM, the granddaddy of community tagged streaming music has just about any kind of music you could want to listen to, so long as you're clever enough to think to search on the tag. You think I'm kidding? Then have your fill of Harry Potter filk.

Depression Mind Map

Got a weird assignment at work today. Had to write a postcard for people who treat depression. So, you're not really selling anything to people who are depressed, you're selling something to people who know about depression. Or want to know more. Or something.
Regardless, I was really stuck. One of the things about being a "create on demand" professional is that you have to have little tricks to get your creative mojo cooking. I like to do mind maps. Especially to songs I love. So a mind-map on Depression Treatment: Rilo Kiley's "Better Son/Daughter" yields the following results:


A few thoughts on Video

One of the coolest things about Flickr video: 90 Second limit. This has really helped my think about the people who watch the video (my audience) and keep the whole idea of "being fair" to them when I'm editing video footage.
With the Flip's generous storage (1 GB, about 60 minutes), it would be far to easy to just let the camera roll for minutes and minutes, but keeping the 90-second Flickr Video limit in mind makes me conscious of getting the shot I want and moving on.
I have always been a fan of video, you know, ever since my middle-school days stealing time on the linear editing decks from the school library, and Flip Video plus Flickr video has invigorated my desire to create moving pictures.

This video started with exactly Flickr's description of the "Moving Photograph" concept in my mind. I wanted to shoot something that would be inherently more interesting if it could move. A still photo certainly could have captured the same sense of isolation and indifference the ramen feels toward Pick 'n' Save shoppers, but without the stream of people walking by in the background -- people painfully indifferent to the way the ramen hates them -- would the Ramen's rage have been as potent?
Oh, yeah. And then there's the music.
Maybe Flickr should do some kind of mix tape service?