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Time Travel Movies That aren't about time travel (with links to Wikipedia. )

Here's a list of movies that are not about Time Travel, but have some element of time travel in them, and tell stories about something other than Time Travel.

  1. Time Bandits.
    This movie is not about time-travel, really. It's about a parent's role in the fulfillment of their child's desires. And about parents with bad listening skills. This film still holds the high-water mark in my book for an otherwise acceptable film with an inexcusably terrible ending.
  2. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.
    Not really _about_ time travel, so much as about personal accountability. The one thing that this film has going for it is that it has a rock solid understanding of the impact time travel has on cause and effect. Pay particular attention to Detective Logan's missing keys. They managed to screw this up something horrible in the otherwise superior sequel "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey."
  3. 12 Monkeys.
    Its another Terry Gilliam. What I like about this one is that it doesn't presuppose that "Time Travelers" aren't just "crazy people." What if it's not you who am crazy, it is you who am mad?
  4. Dude, where's my Butterfly Effect.
    This isn't about time travel at all. This is about regret and dispair. It's a dumb movie with a dumb hollywood ending that makes us all dumber that it was ever made.
  5. Minority Report
    There is actually no time travel in this movie. This movie is about precognition, not time travel. And, come to think of it, it's actually about the media and about the danger of drawing conclusions from datasets. DOUBLE GABE FAIL!!

Daddy in Wonderland

Last night the girl and I watched "Alice in Wonderland" on the Netflix. (I found it far more engaging without the 3d, for what it's worth.) Gaia and I had big cups of hot cocoa with extra Marshmallows.

"Wow, Dad!" says she. "Doesn't this movie theater remind you of our living room?"

Follow up to Netflix PR

A follow up to the previous post: Netflix sent me a form letter telling me that I'm probably not going to get a response. Nice. I'm not going to bother to post it, because it's just a crappy canned form letter telling me to call their assy support service.

It suddenly occurred to me that I could try running IE as "Administrator" might give the netflix Drm component installer the ability to stick it's dcik in my PC and come up juicy. Bing Bang, boom. Vista's all sexed up and can play videos again. ANd might be pregnant. You never know.

DRM does nothing to prevent piracy and hassles the rest of us. I do believe that content creators deserve to be paid for their work, however, I don't think the front line consumer should have to pay for the brunt of it. This is a debate for another day. I'll just say this.

It was me, and not any sort of caring on the part of netflix, that has restored my ability to stream netflix movies on demand on my windows pc.

Thanks for nothin, Netflix.

An Open Letter to Netflix

Dear Friendly Folks at Netflix.

I'm having nothing but trouble with your view on demand services. I have a Windows Vista laptop with all the latest patches and service packs but it will not play your on demand videos. The system continually tells me there are problems with the DRM. I follow the instructions to reset the DRM, but I they never seem to clear up the problem.

Still defective.

Please consider abandoning the hostile DRM wrappers that make your service non-functional. Not only do they make it hard for legitimate, long-time customers such as myself to enjoy your service, they actively lock your product and service into a single delivery mechanism, which, I'm sure you understand, limits your firms abilities to respond to changing marketing conditions.
Defective by Design

I understand that there are market pressures that prevent your firm from operating without DRM systems in place, but that doesn't mean your firm should only provide service to a single class of PC users. In that regard, I support expanding your streaming service to other set-top-boxes like the Playstation 3. I would consider even spending a small increase in my subscription fee for the ability to stream netflix movies to the PS3.

One thing, however, I do not support, is the addition of a premium charge for blue-ray disks. I will not pay an additional fee to include blue-ray disks in my netflix cue. Please do not enact one, as it will merely curtail my enjoyment of the blue-ray platform.

Thank you very much for your time, consideration, and timely response,

Gabe Wollenburg
Netflix consumer since March, 2004.

PS. Please note that a copy of this message has been posted on my blog at