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Drink Deep

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Drink Deep





Drink deep
this amazement,
this wonder;

fill your empty places
with these drops
of love and whimsy.

Keep your heart
light by sipping
this curious amazement,
this earth.
this life.

Dance and sing.
Call and response.
Paint and play.

This wonder is yours to enjoy.






When you are done, Drink again!

A wonderous delight,
such as our time together,
is meant to be enjoyed.

There are but 13 moons each year.
It may seem a lot,
but I assure you,
they go by too quick.

Let us pause between each frothing cup of joy
to apreciate how this moment came to be.
Let us will linger there--
but only for a second.

The next cup is coming fast
and you wouldn't want to miss it.

March 2010 \ Photo attribution

Take Down Notice

Got a take down notice from the Oconomowoc Enterprise at I feel so grown up now.

Oh Internet, I am ready to give up on you and move to the Next New Thing.

On a totally unrelated note, I played through the first half-hour of Final Fantasy Seven again today while I was jogging in the basement. 1997 was a strange place in the video game world.