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Gotta love some good follows!

Here’s a shoutout to flickr user juicyfrmpjs. I first became aware of Mr. Frmpjs work when he favorited a photograph from my Flickr stream.

Do you think you can see what kind of photos Mr. Frmpjs favorites?


Why Yes! You are correct. He likes him some photographs of cough syrup. Perhaps you are curious about what kind of contacts he has on flickr?


(Word to the wise. Don’t click on any of those accounts if you’re at work. )

Clearly Mr. Frmpjs is a patron of the arts. Thanks for being a such a fan of fine art, juicyfrmpjs! We’re glad to have you as part of the flickr community!

Blogging on Blogging

One of the sessions I wanted to do at BarCampMKE3, but didn't get an opportunity to was the "Finding time for the Internet." I suspect I would have been one of the only people who would have attended this session, but, given my concerted effort as of late to run on my treadmill in the basement and spend more time with the Girl, I've had a hard time getting some time together to spend with my computer.
Granted, a big part of that has to do with how broken my office is right now-- read the word "broken" as "Gabe is a pig: a fifthly, filthy pig". However, I've got a metric tonne of things to blog about and increasingly less time to do it.
And really, the thing is, if you can't find time to blog about something, you can certainly find the time to blog about not having the time to blog.

Take Down Notice

Got a take down notice from the Oconomowoc Enterprise at I feel so grown up now.

Oh Internet, I am ready to give up on you and move to the Next New Thing.

On a totally unrelated note, I played through the first half-hour of Final Fantasy Seven again today while I was jogging in the basement. 1997 was a strange place in the video game world.