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Gaia and Kyra's Nintendo DS Face Combo Picture

The Nintendo 3DS has this feature where it can merge the faces of two people who are standing in front of each other. It’s a little strange and finicky, but it works sometimes, and the end results are… weird.

Like this picture of Gaia and her cousin Kyra merged, that looks a good deal like Kyra at age three or four.

Merged Faces.

I think that there is something really space-age about a pocket computer with three cameras that can combine multiple images to make composite image of pair of faces. I have been really impressed with the 3DS, as a Nintendo game system and fun toy for a six year old, it’s a really great experience.

Little Big Gabe

Little Big Gabe (by HeyGabe)At 6 p.m. Sunday Evening, Media Molecule pulled the plug on the Little Big Planet beta. Pulled the plug is a little harsh. It's probably more accurate to say that the beta expired. It still came as a bit of a surprise. I'd kind have hoped I could play until midnight.

I'm still not sure if I'm allowed to talk about it, given the non-negotiated Terms of Service that came with the beta code I was using, but I'm gonna spill anyway.

While the gaming press (as well as SCEA) seem to be hell bent on declaring Little Big Planet as the long-lost Killer App for the PS3, I'm not sold yet. I think another week of beta would have swayed me, but since I only had about a week of solid playing for only an hour or so every night, I've got a few impressions, but haven't yet decided if the game is, as the kids say, "all that."

Discussion about gamestuff, after the break.

Take Down Notice

Got a take down notice from the Oconomowoc Enterprise at I feel so grown up now.

Oh Internet, I am ready to give up on you and move to the Next New Thing.

On a totally unrelated note, I played through the first half-hour of Final Fantasy Seven again today while I was jogging in the basement. 1997 was a strange place in the video game world.