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Animal Crossing

We’re getting married!!

were getting married

Gaia demanded I buy the wedding dress and veil, so I told her I was going to marry Tom Nook. When I showed her this photo I blew her little mind.

First she asked, somewhat astonished, “what is he doing outside?”

Then she asked, somewhat annoyed, “Why isn’t he holding your hand?”

Things I have learned from Video Games

Pidgeon Milk is Real.
We shall read from the Book of Wikipedia, Article 254453666, Revision 50.

Crop milk, also known as pigeon's milk, is a secretion from the lining of the crop of pigeons and doves with which the parents feed their young by regurgitation.
Crop milk bears little resemblance to mammalian milk, being a semi-solid substance somewhat like pale yellow cottage cheese.

The article points out that various commercial substitutes for pigeon milk are sold on the market.

Animal Crossing Addict

A pair of dreams dies over The Spot

Almost bi-annually, I hunker down in a new hastily named village in Animal Crossing and spend two or so months slowly playing my way through paying off the first few renovations to my little house.

And then the novelty wears off and I put the game down.

Along comes Fall of 2008 and Animal Crossing: Lets You Can Has City for the Nintendo Wii.

Interestingly, this time, I’ve actually resumed playing the DS version (Wild World) at the same time, which, is fun, considering that there is only so many things you can do in Animal Crossing in a single play session.

The most awesome thing in the world about Animal Crossing for the WII is the ability to take a screenshot and save it as a JPG on the Wii’s SD Card; I bought a 2 GB SD card exclusively for this feature.

As for the game, it’s pretty much the same-old, same-old. The Online Component is hysterically frustrating, the fishing as overly simplistic, and there are only about six personality archetypes between all the villagers.

Gaia's drinkin' coffee now.

What makes it so much more fun this time around is that Gaia and I are playing together. She has a guy, I have a guy, and we run around our little village (embarrassingly named “The Spot”) and we go to the city and get our hair did.

Even though a combination of game-crashing wifi-bugs and the insanity of Nintendo’s “Friend Codes” system has made any kind of online meet ups impossible for me, It’s more fun when you play together. That’s thanks to Gaia.