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Little Lumberjack

Gaia up in the Crow's Nest

It's been a while since I pointed you guys to my Dad's Flickr Stream. This is a shot of Gaia climbing around in the back yard at the house I grew up in. When my sister was a little girl, she was climbing in a tree and fell out of it and broke the heck out of her arm. The people at the hospital kept trying to process the paperwork as a Workman's Comp claim until my Mom explained to them with that delightful pragmatic cynicism that she uses so well, "Yes. Yes. My 8-year-old daughter works for us part time as a lumberjack."

So, if you don't get enough pictures of my little girl in my Flickr stream (Kevron, I'm lookin' at you) you might also consider subscribing to my dad's, which has many more pictures of the girl, but also occasionally features pictures of home-grown fruits and vegetables in vaguely pornographic postures.