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SOLY: Chapters 11, 12, 13

With tonight’s full moon, I have published the first 18,000 words of my novel, “Someone Liche You” at alternative publisher Red Lemonade.

The complete first part of the novel is now online. The scene is set up, the action is rising, and things are happening. Can Mara and Kevin find their way through the chaos?

Published today:

Of note: I cut a lot of technobable and info dumping out of this revision at this point. There was, at one point, a full page of info dumping about the mechanisms and theories behind the way Kevin’s Multi-Tool worked and interfaced with biotronic devices and how it was, as a mechanical device, not susceptible to a system-wide failure, such as the New City was experiencing.

I remember when I was writing it, I got to about the tenth chapter explaining the device, and thinking, “Ok. Stop writing about this and get to the action.”

And so I did.

Up next:
In part two, the novel switches story-lines, introducing new characters: Gregor, the Junk Mine, and, of course, Cursor the overweight corgi.

SOLY: Chapters 9, 10

Zombies are on the move, and Kevin and Mara face some rather unusual “couple stuff” in this installment of ‘Someone Liche You’.

If I were to invest more time in getting this novel into shape for a book being published in the conventional way, I’d probably re-write the story to start from Chapter 1.9. This is where the action rises. Yeah, there was some scary stuff in the park, but it’s in Chapter 1.9 and 1.10 that we are treated to the start of the end of days for the New City.

He shook his head, feeling a hard stone of disappointment feeling in his gut, let down in himself for allowing the data walls to trick him. They were clearly the same as the local media and of the intranets– the information they displayed was capable of deception– just like anything else. He should have known better.

If our windows can lie to us, what can you trust, he wondered, stepping over the shells of the dead scupperers, still lifeless on the floor where they’d been smashed.

Poor Sugar Island. It was too good to last.

A few notes: Sugar Island Wisconsin is a real, unincorporated community in Wisconsin. But in this story’s timeline, it’s the largest, biggest and most technologically advanced megapolis on the North Continent.

The North Continent is what they call North America in this novel. Because America has given way to a hogemenistic planet-wide government controlled mostly by the secret world order. I can’t remember if this fact is included in the story or not. Consider this a DVD Bonus.

As always, the whole novel is being posted at indy book publisher Red and will eventually be packaged up as a single downloadable. But even now, you can start from the beginning of the novel, if you’re just catching up.

Today’s Chapters:



SOLY: Three more chapters

Three more chapters up on Red Lemonade of Somenoe Liche You.. This part of the story gets us through the Kevin's first brown-out, the terror of the unseen, and subsequent clean up.

Also, Kevin lies in the mud and cries while his girlfriend takes care of him.

Kevin pulled his Padd out of his pocket and poked at it a few times. On the third punch, the screen lit up, and the Padd went into boot recovery mode. Without speaking, he pointed the Pad’s newfound life out to Mara, who rolled her eyes and kept walking toward the tubes.

Kevin watched the boot data roll across the Padd’s surface and felt the lighting flow into his eyes like a warm, comfortable bath. As he and Mara approached Home Plate Station, he felt the same warm comfort from the data screens on the tube station, which flicked back on as they approached.

Today's Chapters:

They Walk Always

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They Walk Always
by Gabe Wollenburg



I’ve gone ahead and rapidly published a short shorty story called “They Walk Always.” Although I think the text stands alone, I illustrated the pages.
As always the whole story is available under a creative-commons attribution share alike license (CC-BY-SA). Feel free to post, repost, share, and print it on t-shirts, as long as you make your derivative works available under the same license. Let me know if you do. I particularly like the Printer Friendly version.

We might yet see.

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So what then? What are we left to do, Daddy?
If hate feeds them and mercy prolongs their suffering, what can we do?

We can live.
And we can love those things inside them that are not corrupted.
And we can hope.

We can hope that tomorrow they will come to see the folly of their struggle.
And one day, they shall. With that they will fade away to rest at last.

Hold fast, child, and we might yet see that day.

Can we shoot them?

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It does not stop them. Even when they no longer keep getting up again they are not done. Their hunger, their want, their need does not end with the final crippling of their bodies. These accursed undead wander forever, feeling nothing more than a dark echo of all-consuming desire.

You can help them, you can.

However, its not with violence. You cannot shoot your way into healing.

Always Walking. Always Hungry. Always Undead.

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smell of death

What can you see on the horizon, friend?
Can you see the dawn coming? Can you see golden rays of light clamoring to slip across the tops of the hills along the eastern range?
No. You cannot. You see only your need. You see only your rage. You see only your hunger.
It is a long, empty road you walk.
It need not be that way, friend.
It need not be that way.

The undead are all around us

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Jim Flynn training (LOC)

The undead are all around us. And that is a fact.
What they are, however, is something of a shifting thing.
The one thing, for certain, is that they are always going. They’re not sure why. They’re not sure where. To ask those questions requires thought beyond their immediate needs. They walk from the next thing to the next, noticing only that they remain unsatisfied.
The undead are the ambling, shambling masses walking through shopping malls and down our city streets. They are mumbling gangs of eyes-down racers, attentive only to their next step. They are unaware that they walk, and that they search. They are assured, only by a conviction held deeply within, that they are and that they need.
Stand before them naked and unafraid when they come, and they will not see you. Duck and cower and they will take note. Death is what they desire. You call them to you.
You can be ready. Can you pay the price?


Watch out kids! Construction signs in Austin have recently been made to alert the public of an ongoing zombie attack. We here at do not support these sort of shenanigans, no matter how cool this instructable on hacking those particular machines is.

Let us be very clear: We do not support the fraudulent raising of zombie attack alarms. The threat of zombie attack is far too real for us to take lightheartedly.

The fact is, we are very concerned about the public’s general attitude toward the alarms raised by these signs. As you drove to work  They may have been fraudulent this time, but what about the next?

It makes me think, I should plan on doing a session about techniques for shooting the zombie apocalypse at PhotoCampMilwaukee. Just because its the end of the world doesn’t mean we should stop making art, right?