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Someone Liche You

SOLY: Part Three Complete

Iit has come to my attention that Part Three: Chaoskampf is now published in full on indy publisher

Today’s publication includes chapters 3.7, 3.8 and 3.9. These chapters contain action, adventure, drama, and historical data dumping. You will enjoy them. We finally get to learn more about Quan, the boy solider and about his relationship with the other Sions of Sugar Island. We take a tour of the Honey Acres Compound. We make a thin reference to the famous Finch Brothers– a band of cowboys from Lake Mills Wisconsin.

By adopting the organic technology of psionic implants, the Scions of Sugar Island carried their fight throughout the biotronic age, using their implants to give them one last self-evident right. They’d lost free speech. They’d lost freedom of press, religion, and even the pursuit of happiness. But they had one thing. They had freedom of thought. The implants, carried and worn by all of the true scions of Sugar Island, afforded the founders of the scion’s society the privacy of their minds. That, Cailean said, was the one thing that they’d managed to salvage, and that, he insisted, was the one thing that kept them from succumbing to the mind-numbing epidemic that had taken the lives and freedom of the people of the New City.

“While the New City of Sugar Island crumbles around us,” the wiry old man said with a spark in his eye, “The true Sugar Island has chance to rise again

I’m serializing my novel “Someone Liche You” on Red Lemonade over the course of the next few months. Most of it is available online right now. About half of it is yet to be uploaded. (I’m editing as fast as I can– and there’s a lot more to edit!) Eventually, the whole thing will be avaialble on demand and as a self-published kindle book.

SOLY: 3.5 and 3.6

“Someone Liche You” continues.

Chapter 3.5 and 3.6 are now online at indie publisher

In these chapters, Kevin wakes up and passes out like, three times. And ends up in a psychic battle with an old man. Oops. Spoilers.

“You are at a crossroads, Kevin Adderly.” Cailean said. “I cannot make you do anything you do not want to do. But I will ask you this one time. Will you step into this bower and talk with me?”

Kevin stepped. He did it without thinking. If there was one thing he was not sure of, it was that whether wanted to listen to the man. But, if he’d learned anything on his bike ride, it was that when his mind failed, he could trust his body to do what it needed to. And his body stepped into the bower.

His mind was somewhat disappointed in this turn of events, but his heart felt a great burden released. So there was that, he thought.

Eventually, my plan is to release the entire novel via Lulu and the indie e-book vendors. For cheap. But if you want to read it for free as it’s being edited and proofread, I’m serializing it at

SOLY: Chapter 3.3

You will be interested to know that Chapter 3.3 of my novel “Someone Liche You” is up on indy publisher

When I wrote this in the fall of 2005 and spring of 2006 I was really hoping to tell a story about a man hero who had feelings. At this point in the story, Kevin clearly has feelings. He spends a lot of time crying in this chapter. He gets stronger from here on out. Our little Kevin Adderly is growing up.

Kevin had sat crying for a good while, but when dehydration and exhaustion made his sobs run dry, he just stopped caring. He may have even slept. He had no idea. He rested his face on his hands, which were resting on his knees. He shuddered. Devoid of all feeling. Numb. He’d just killed a man; what else mattered?

This chapter is much better than this passage would indicate. Read it. Read it now!

SOLY: Chapter 3.2

The serial publication of my novel, Someone Liche You, continues. Here’s Chapter 3.2.

One of the things I wanted to do with this novel was tell the story of a reluctant hero. An A-typical protagonist who isn’t really the heroic type.

That, eventually, manifested as Kevin Adderly crying a lot.

Uncontrollably, his body wracked with sadness, snot ran down his face, and he fell to his knees. He slouched onto the floor next to the dead man. Still sobbing, he curled up into a ball on the floor, always holding firm to his weapon.

Read, edit, comment, and enjoy over at indie publisher

SOLY: Part Three: Chaoskampf

The Germans have a lot of great words with no real English equivalent. One of them is ChaosKampf. It means, so I’m told, ‘struggle against chaos’ and it sums up the hero’s battle against a chaotic monster often represented as a dragon or serpent.

“Lo: thy dread empire, Chaos, is restored;
Light dies before thy uncreating word:
Thy hand, great Anarch! lets the curtain fall;
And universal darkness buries all.”
–Alexander Pope, The Dunciad

In the case of “Someone Liche You,” my novel being experimentally published in serial at, it refers to Kevin Adderly’s flight across a dead city in search of his zombie girlfriend’s mom. Thus is where chapter 3.1 begins.

SOLY: Chapters 2.4, 2.5

With the coming of spring, so too arrives the last two chapters in the second part of my self-publishing experiment at With the posting of Chapters 2.4 and 2.5, this section of the novel Someone Liche You is now online.

It was all old tech in here. Slow, reliable old-tech that, when it invariably broke, he could take it apart and fix it. He didn’t have to grow replacement parts in a dish. Nothing in his junk mine skirted that weird line between living thing and vacuum cleaner. It was his. And he was its master.

Yesterday these two chapters were but a single chapter– strange things happen as I re-work some of these rougher chapters for publication. In these chapters we’re introduced to Gregor’s Junk Mine and start to get a little insight into special kind of libertarian that Gregor Samsa believes himself to be. Oh, don’t let the use of political homily scare you. This novel is not about conservatives vs. progressives. It’s really the story about a very special corgi. The last thing I want you to walk away from this novel thinking is “it was pretty good but I wish there had been more corgi.”

As of right now, Someone Liche You, Part Two: A Monstrous Vermin is complete.

The official album to listen to while reading this section is Oingo Boingo’s Farewell: Life from The Universal Amphitheater – Halloween 1995

Where do we go from here?

Part Three: Subtitle forthcoming returns us to the main storyline. Kevin hits the streets of an empty city in search of his undead girlfriend’s mother. Ooo! Exciting!

SOLY: Part 2, Chapter 3 Posted.

I’m sure glad that the second part of my novel “Someone Liche You” is only four chapters long. The third chapter is now available for your consideration at Alternative publisher

Something is trying to get into Gregor Samsa’s concrete and steel reinforced garage hanger, and when it does, Gregor is not only surprised, but extremely annoyed. And the dog does little beyond unhelpfully heightening the overall sense of urgency.

Gregor commanded the dog be quiet with a quick shush, to which Cursor responded by exploding into a full bark. Gregor stepped forward and tilted the oil lamp to try to throw the light better toward the corner

You can read Part 2.3 at Red, or you can start from the outset of the Second Part. Or read the whole thing from the very beginning. One more chapter to post before Thursday, when we move on to Part 3.

SOLY: Chapter 2.1

Were you aware of it?

The novel Someone Liche You has a B-story. Today’s chapter is the first of the novel’s second part, cleverly titled: Chapter 2.1

Gregor continued to mutter a steady stream of obscenities (each more ridiculously profane than the last) as he picked up the stripped screwdriver, placed it into the clamp mounted on his workbench, aimed his laser carving lathe at it, and recut the tip of the tool. This made it slightly shorter, but otherwise as good as new.

“Goddamn metal’s shit, that’s the problem,” he said to Cursor, the fat, red and blond Welsh Corgi across the room. The dog was sprawled out on on an armchair across from the workbench, watching with only a passing interest in the man’s shenanigans.

I’m crowd-sourcing the editing of Someone Liche You at indy literary darling Red Lemonade. You can read the first part there right now, and more chapters are published throughout the week. Eventually the whole story will be available to read and download.

And this is a thing of which you are now aware!

SOLY: Chapters 11, 12, 13

With tonight’s full moon, I have published the first 18,000 words of my novel, “Someone Liche You” at alternative publisher Red Lemonade.

The complete first part of the novel is now online. The scene is set up, the action is rising, and things are happening. Can Mara and Kevin find their way through the chaos?

Published today:

Of note: I cut a lot of technobable and info dumping out of this revision at this point. There was, at one point, a full page of info dumping about the mechanisms and theories behind the way Kevin’s Multi-Tool worked and interfaced with biotronic devices and how it was, as a mechanical device, not susceptible to a system-wide failure, such as the New City was experiencing.

I remember when I was writing it, I got to about the tenth chapter explaining the device, and thinking, “Ok. Stop writing about this and get to the action.”

And so I did.

Up next:
In part two, the novel switches story-lines, introducing new characters: Gregor, the Junk Mine, and, of course, Cursor the overweight corgi.

SOLY: Chapters 9, 10

Zombies are on the move, and Kevin and Mara face some rather unusual “couple stuff” in this installment of ‘Someone Liche You’.

If I were to invest more time in getting this novel into shape for a book being published in the conventional way, I’d probably re-write the story to start from Chapter 1.9. This is where the action rises. Yeah, there was some scary stuff in the park, but it’s in Chapter 1.9 and 1.10 that we are treated to the start of the end of days for the New City.

He shook his head, feeling a hard stone of disappointment feeling in his gut, let down in himself for allowing the data walls to trick him. They were clearly the same as the local media and of the intranets– the information they displayed was capable of deception– just like anything else. He should have known better.

If our windows can lie to us, what can you trust, he wondered, stepping over the shells of the dead scupperers, still lifeless on the floor where they’d been smashed.

Poor Sugar Island. It was too good to last.

A few notes: Sugar Island Wisconsin is a real, unincorporated community in Wisconsin. But in this story’s timeline, it’s the largest, biggest and most technologically advanced megapolis on the North Continent.

The North Continent is what they call North America in this novel. Because America has given way to a hogemenistic planet-wide government controlled mostly by the secret world order. I can’t remember if this fact is included in the story or not. Consider this a DVD Bonus.

As always, the whole novel is being posted at indy book publisher Red and will eventually be packaged up as a single downloadable. But even now, you can start from the beginning of the novel, if you’re just catching up.

Today’s Chapters: