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A fun new game: Good Comic, Bad Comic

The Wauwatosa Public Library has a great and growing Graphic Novel collection. It's given me access to a lot more Graphic Novels than I'll typically get a chance to read. So, here are  reviews two of my latest grabs from the Library, presented in photographic and minimalist terms.

Good Comic.

Good Comic

Bad Comic.

Bad Comic

Shame, shame on me.

I’m not saying I would prefer a Microsoft product to an open source one, don’t get me wrong. But I am saying this: The last few weeks running Vista on my new laptop have showed me exactly how far behind Linux Desktops lag from "modern" OS experiences. It’s never been more clear to me the trade off you make when you make the choice to go Free and Open Source. It seem that in most cases. you’re picking the the lesser product.

The "Windows Tax" is a fallacy. That Vista is a miserable OS is a matter of perspective. From my perspective, "It Just Works" has really been the case with Vista and the exception in Ubuntu.

Case in Point: There is _no_ comparison between "Drivel" and "Windows Live Writer." I have been playing with Windows Live over the last couple of days, and I have to tell you, its not as bad as you think. In fact, if it was open source, I would be in love with it.

Windows Live Writer strikes me on first blush to be a superior blogging client. Look. I’m not one of those guys who hand codes each and every entry using raw XML. I wish I was, but I’m lazy. I’m a WYSIWYG kind of guy. But Live Writer is the first Blogging client that inserts Technorati Tags in a way that I like.

It integrates nicely with WordPress and has a kick ass "Preview" mode that you can use to proof your posts before you publish them. It’s got an SDK, for god’s sake.

(This is a repost, reconstructed from the Google Cashe)