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Published in the Onion

I've always wanted to publish something in the Onion-- the satirical newspaper born in Madison when I was wrapping up middle school. This week I have accomplished that goal. But not in a way I would have ever imagined.


A snapshot I took of a local deli and published on Flickr so that I could remember the name of the place was a featured illustration of the Onion AV-Club's review of the establishment.

I took the picture in May of 2007 when I was training at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on their goofy ass pagination system. Then I published the photo, (along with a handful of others) on Flickr added a modicum of meta data, and pushed it out to the Milwaukee - (High Resolution) Creative Commons group.

There are a lot of people-- pro photographers mostly, who would say that I've gone and killed their industry by letting for-pay publications run my photo for free. And I say, Adapt of be Killed.

I am assuming that given the option of paying me $10 or not running a photo, the onion would have picked not running the photo. I was a journalist for a long time. There's no cash on hand to pay for that kind of thing. That photography -- not even necessarily good photography-- is available on he web for free is just part of the new reality.

Regardless, I'm greatful to the Onion for plugging in exchange for using that photo. Haven't really seen much benefit from the attribution, don't really expect to. But still nice to see none the less.

And Hey, I've had my work published in The Onion. Have you?

Edit for Clarification:The editor of the Onion AV Club Milwaukee obtained my permission to use the photo prior to publication. Just so we're clear. :)

Fancy Nancy Game: Pros and Cons

Fancy Nancy Standees

The Fancy Nancy Dress Up Stick-Ons Game makes me crazy. Super Crazy.

  1. Colorforms are impossible to stick on something if you have cold little hands.
  2. Colorforms are small and probably going to get lost.
  3. The game shows you where the peices are supposed to go on the gameboard, but in some cases, especially with the wands, there is no way to stick the item in that location on the standee.Lame!
  4. Fancy Nancy is plenty fancy without getting all gussied up with "accessories." But that's not really the game's fault. That's my prejudice about Fancy Nancy and her inattentive, Kings-Crown eatin' parents.

However, G. loves the game. And here are some ways that the game is good:

  1. No dice. And the spinner is built into the box. (Look, there's nothing wrong with dice, but with little kids, dice are one spastic arm shake away from gone forever.
  2. The game can be played to completion in about 15 minutes .
  3. There is no board to move peices around.
  4. Gaia loves it.

Fancy Nancy Standees

Firefox's big security hole

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What I love about this photo taken by our friend John December is that it shows me using one of the most egregious security flaws in a modern software product to get Bucketworks' Ustream password out of Firefox.
If you let Firefox manage your passwords on a public computer you are exposing your passwords to anyone who comes along and knows to look.
Worse, there have been bugs that expose those passwords to the entire internet.

Use Firefox's master password feature to slap a small bandaid on this problem.

Friends in Familar Places

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My friend Ryanne from The Watertown Daily Times.

This is broken 4

I know it's totally 2007 to rip on the Flickr Uploader 3.x, but damn, this is totally broken.

This is broken

Note that there is no Upload button anywhere on this screen shot. Where's the upload button? Nowhere. I had to take a photo out and drop it back in to make the upload button reappear.

I'm not sure how I made the upload button disappear, it has something to do with the wackadoo window that it brings up when you authorize the application.

It just makes me wonder, does anybody beta test anymore? Look, I'll admit it, I don't. But I'm not Yahoo.

Truly the Nightmare Before Christmas

We've been battling supercolds and prepping for Christmas Celebrations of all sorts. 'Twas discussed earlier amongst the Web414ers on Twitter: The True Nightmare Before Christmas is the state the house is left in while prepping for the holidays.

The Nightmare before Christmas