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When Good Ads go up REI's Woohoo.

This is why every creative agency needs a team of 13-year-olds that does Q&A on designs. This should have never made it to print.

Seriously, REI?

Obviously, I added the "your." Poorly. The upside is that my "When Good Ads Go Bad" tag on Flickr is finally getting some love.

Gotta love some good follows!

Here’s a shoutout to flickr user juicyfrmpjs. I first became aware of Mr. Frmpjs work when he favorited a photograph from my Flickr stream.

Do you think you can see what kind of photos Mr. Frmpjs favorites?


Why Yes! You are correct. He likes him some photographs of cough syrup. Perhaps you are curious about what kind of contacts he has on flickr?


(Word to the wise. Don’t click on any of those accounts if you’re at work. )

Clearly Mr. Frmpjs is a patron of the arts. Thanks for being a such a fan of fine art, juicyfrmpjs! We’re glad to have you as part of the flickr community!

Things I have learned from Video Games

Pidgeon Milk is Real.
We shall read from the Book of Wikipedia, Article 254453666, Revision 50.

Crop milk, also known as pigeon's milk, is a secretion from the lining of the crop of pigeons and doves with which the parents feed their young by regurgitation.
Crop milk bears little resemblance to mammalian milk, being a semi-solid substance somewhat like pale yellow cottage cheese.

The article points out that various commercial substitutes for pigeon milk are sold on the market.

Good Cop, Bad Cop.

I use Creative Commons because I believe that it's better to share my creative works with people who can appreciate it than it is to die with a huge stack of unpublished works.

Creative Commons is not permission for you to make money off my work without compensating me. Creative Commons is not the same thing as dedicating your works to the Public Domain. Creative Commons is a way to let other artists know that they are welcome to see, enjoy, be a fan of, redistribute, and build on your work.

Raster and I played some good cop/bad cop on the Internet the other day regarding this subject. Here's a shout-out to the Creative Commons discussion going on here.

A side issue not being discussed here is the general emergence of the feeling that "the Long Tail" is bullshit. My opinion is that if you feel that the Long Tail is bullshit, I say you and I are probably talking about a different Long Tail.

Also, if you want to learn more about Creative Commons, I highly recommend this film.

The Half-hour Video

Created this in about 30 minutes in iMovie HD. Viva la Flip. Music Source

A few thoughts on Video

One of the coolest things about Flickr video: 90 Second limit. This has really helped my think about the people who watch the video (my audience) and keep the whole idea of "being fair" to them when I'm editing video footage.
With the Flip's generous storage (1 GB, about 60 minutes), it would be far to easy to just let the camera roll for minutes and minutes, but keeping the 90-second Flickr Video limit in mind makes me conscious of getting the shot I want and moving on.
I have always been a fan of video, you know, ever since my middle-school days stealing time on the linear editing decks from the school library, and Flip Video plus Flickr video has invigorated my desire to create moving pictures.

This video started with exactly Flickr's description of the "Moving Photograph" concept in my mind. I wanted to shoot something that would be inherently more interesting if it could move. A still photo certainly could have captured the same sense of isolation and indifference the ramen feels toward Pick 'n' Save shoppers, but without the stream of people walking by in the background -- people painfully indifferent to the way the ramen hates them -- would the Ramen's rage have been as potent?
Oh, yeah. And then there's the music.
Maybe Flickr should do some kind of mix tape service?

This is _still_ broken

We've been over this once already, but enough is enough Flickr. Uploader V. 3 is _still_ broken. I was annoyed with the mysterious and intermittent upload button, but this mysterious bombing out makes no sense to me.

No Flickr, It's you

And, although I lack the technical expertise to prove it to complete satisfaction, I get the feeling that, in spite of your cheeky little error message, it's not me that needs to "twiddle" with my cables.

When everything is working, that kind of informality is fun and charming, but when it's broke, it makes you look like an asshole. Seriously, Flickr, Couples break up over shit like this. TApps said it best. Stop Sucking.